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CD Cover: Pastiche

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CD Image of PasticheUnnecessary Sadness Is Gone (MP3 Sample)
People With Umbrellas
Blue Summer
Mood Indigo
Never Will I Marry
Silence Is Perfectly Fine
Come Rain Or Come Shine (MP3 Sample)
Black Coffee
Every Little Thing Counts (MP3 Sample)
Until The End
I Will Listen
No Stars Are Shining

CD Jacket Notes

There are borders that exist that keep us separated and defined as Canadians, Americans and so on. There are also invisible borders that exist between styles of music; they define what jazz, pop, latin and blues are. Some believe that if you are in a certain musical area you should be faithful to that style or you risk losing the listener. This pastiche of songs was not meant to confuse you but rather take you with us on a journey across a few musical borders and back again.

I especially want to thank Rick Kilburn for all the expertise and advice he freely gave. I know that all his suggestions made a big difference in the end results of this recording. Thank you to Dave Horsley for the wonderful engineering and thank you to all the musicians involved. You came across all the borders with me!

Recorded Spring 1996
Production Consultant: Rick Kilburn
Engineered by David Horsley
Mixed by Rick Kilburn at XNTRIK Productions
Digitally edited and mastered by Craig Waddell for Gotham City Recording
Photography by Jonathan Cruz
Design: Slang Visual Communications

Musicians & Production Personnel

Lou Mastroianni - piano
Dave Phyall - guitar
Brent Gubbels - bass
Phil Belanger - drums
Derry Byrne - trumpet
Graham Ord - saxophone
Jack Duncan - percussion